2012 Candidates

* = Names of formally declared candidates.

Democrat Candidates

*Barack Obama, 49, incumbent President of the United States from Illinois
*Randall Terry, 52, NY

Republican Candidates

*John Davis, 54, CO

*Newt Gingrich, 67, GA

*Gary E. Johnson, 58, NM

*Fred Karger, 61, CA

*Andy Martin, 66, IL

*Jimmy McMillan, 64, NY

*Ron Paul, 75, TX

Roy Moore, 64, AL

Tim Pawlenty, 50, MN

Buddy Roemer, 67, LA

Mitt Romney, 64, MA

Rick Santorum, 53, PA

Jonathon Sharkey, 45, FL

Herman Cain, 65, GA

Donald Trump, 64, NY
Mitch Daniels, 62, IN
Christopher James “Chris Christi, 48, NJ
Jon Huntsman, Jr., 51, UT
Michele Bachmann, 55, MN
John R. Bolton, 62

National Convention Dates:

April or May 2012: 2012 Constitution Party National Convention – Nashville, Tennessee.
May 4–6, 2012: 2012 Libertarian National Convention – Las Vegas, Nevada
August 27–30, 2012: 2012 Republican National Convention – Tampa, Florida
September 3–6, 2012: 2012 Democratic National Convention – Charlotte, North Carolina



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