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Not just layers, embedded action/edit history shows rotation & size alterations…

UPDATING THIS POST……..So, if it was just a scan of a document, maybe even with a character recognition filter (which I am not convinced of at all – there’s no way)…what was the purpose of all the actions? Or in other terms “edits”? For example, one layer was rotated and the transparency was altered. It … Continue reading

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All PDF file do NOT have layers…

If the file was originally created with layers and the layers were preserved instead of flattened, the layers will be intact and accessible. A PDF will not contain layers unless the user specifically chooses to create/preserve them. Regardless of filters and/or compression. Don’t let the geek-techie-speak fool you. A DCT is simply a jpg – … Continue reading

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This is not a real photocopy. Damage control will not work this time.

“Hawaii Department of Health spokeswoman Janet Okubo explained to WND in an email that the certified copy issued to Obama is a photocopy on safety paper “of the original Certificate of Live Birth.” Sorry folks, a regular printer cannot lay down opaque white ink onto patterned “safety paper”. C= Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow, K=Black. White space … Continue reading

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Alex Jones: Shocking Evidence Obama’s Birth Certificate May Be A Fake

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Interesting writing comparison… super-imposed:

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You’ve GOT To Be Kidding Me (Birth Certificate) Oh C’mon #2 – AP Is Involved?

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Wow. Yahoo news pulled that one fast.

“Obama releases long-form birth certificate” came off the front page of Yahoo fast.  I watched Obama’s speech  – just after he released this fraudulent document.  He was smirking.  He was reprimanding the republicans again.  He thought he pulled another one over on us.  The American society is too smart for these silly games.

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Birth Certificate Gate – It’s a FAKE!

A graphics designer has concocted the new “long-form” version of Obama’s birth certificate.  It is pieced together from who knows what. The background is one piece, the signatures are from something else, etc.  I was curious as to why it has taken so long for Obama to release this and thought it looked suspicious online. … Continue reading

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